This is so timely, given what we have been hearing in recent talks on a Sunday morning.
It is being run by Westminster Theology Centre at All Saints, Woodford Wells as part of the Kingdom Theology course.

Here is what Dr Matthew Lynch says:

We want to explore what it means to bring our raw, honest and often painful emotions or experiences into the church's worship of God. Lament is so often overlooked as a means of worship, but sometimes lacking lament can actually rob us of the truth of what it is to praise! 

 We will explore what the Bible teaches about praise and lament, and how bringing them together can fully release the church into authentic praise; pursuing worship that does not shy away from, but embraces every up and down of life as the pathway to praise. 

If you would like to go to this event, you will need to book yourself on!
It’s free of charge, and you can do so by following the link below.

There’s also a short video by Matt which will explain a bit more.